“Partnering with brands to bring you clean, safe and innovative products for the vaporizing community”

Our family of businesses are the first to combine a wide range of solutions that include, large scale high end manufacturing, quality control, branding & marketing, co-packing and filling all in one place.


Work Methods


At Vaporous we set the new standard, creating the most consistent product in a famously inconsistent industry. It is at the heart of every device and accessory that we produce. We strive to provide the enthusiast and our clients with the best experience every time.


At Vaporous, our team of engineers utilize our in house, state of the art technology to rapidly prototype and brand the latest hardware for our customers. We would love to work together with your business and create a product that customers trust, and stands alone as the most innovative vaporizer on the market.


Unlike our competitors, Vaporous believes in creating products that are responsibly sourced and crafted using the highest quality materials, never using toxic products, chemicals nor adhesives. Additionally, we work with our clients throughout every step of the design process, with industry leading expertise in engineering and design customization- including form factor and aesthetics as well as functionality and airflow.