"It is our driving principle to deliver the perfect vaporizer to our customers."

Our family of businesses are the first to combine a wide range of solutions that include,  large scale high end manufacturing, quality control, branding & marketing, design, co-packing, filling and licensing all in one place.

Private Label E-Cigarette & Vaporizer Manufacturer

At Vaporous we set the new standard, creating the most consistent product in a famously inconsistent industry. It is at the heart of every device and accessory that we produce. We strive to provide the enthusiast and our clients with the  best experience every time.

Vaporous is a leader in vaporizer technology.  Our founder, Christian Rado holds  US and Global utility & design patents covering everything from our patent-pending top flow technology, to patented anti-leak systems and fully automated, pharmaceutical grade filling services  that revolutionize the industry.

Unlike our competitors, Vaporous believes in creating products that are responsibly sourced and crafted using the highest quality materials, never using toxic products, chemicals nor adhesives. Additionally, we work with our clients throughout every step of the design process, with industry leading expertise in engineering and design customization- including form factor and aesthetics as well as functionality and airflow.  

At Vaporous, our team of engineers utilize our in house, state of the art technology to rapidly prototype and brand the latest hardware for our customers. We would love to work together with your business and create a product that customers trust, and stands alone as the most innovative vaporizer on the market.

Vaporous Founder, Christian Rado holds the US utility patent on the portable vaporizer (US#9750284).      






Vaporous is the first ever private label agency for the e-cigarette industry. Vaporous offers a full range of services for the design & manufacturing of premium vaporizers that are tailored to each clients branding and technological needs.  Our in house experts and team of designers will deliver the best vaporizer experience bar none. At Vaporous, we individualize each experience and aesthetic creating a totally unique product for each of our clients and their brand ethos from hardware to packaging and much more.  


Our dedicated factory and quality control firm, deals exclusively with us. Additionally,  we have put in place a quality control firm headed by Tony Liu Tao from Vaporous technologies to quickly expand manufacturing  capabilities and ensure the highest quality product at large scale production.








CHRISTIAN RADO- Founder, chief designer

Vaporous founder and chairman, Christian Rado has been recognized as one of world’s most decorated compact race car drivers.  Chris has since been behind crafting  some  of the world’s fastest high performance vehicles and has worked with some of biggest names in the automotive industry.  Since founding Vaporous Technologies, Christian has taken his immense passion and unparalleled attention to detail and combined it with his years of experience in high performance automotive engineering, creating the most innovate vaporizer company on the market.


Elaine Rado- board member, co-founder

Owner of  World electronics, Mrs. Rado oversees one of America’s leaders in circuit board manufacturing. With years of experience and leadership at the highest level of  contract manufacturing and technology. Elaine founded World in 1984 with her husband Joe Rado, growing it the one of the most revered tech manufacturers in the US. 


john beecroft- chief executive officer

Mr. Beecroft has worked in the luxury print and commercial advertising industries, consulting for some of the worlds most recognized brands. John uses his extensive experience in the luxury market to establish company positioning and foster new growth and strategic opportunities.


WILLIAM (BILL) YUAN- board member, advisor

Mr. Yuan formerly served as Head of Merrill Lynch Asset Management Asia  based  in Hong Kong, a respected thought leader in financial services and an advisor to governments, Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading financial institutions. Mr. Yuan joins Vaporous as a key financial advisor and board member.


Terence (Terry) Fitch- board member, advisor

A seasoned corporate executive with 23 years of marketing, sales and media experience. Mr. Fitch spent 21 years at Coca-Cola Enterprises, during this time Mr. Fitch was responsible for a team of 13,500 professionals and accountable for over $4.2 billion in sales. Since 2013, Terry has become a leader in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry with positioning in Colorado as well as various other states.


Tony Liu Tao- partner & board member

Mr. Liu Tao serves as board member of Vapours Technologies and is chairman of Vaporous Asia. Mr. Liu Tao has extensive experience in luxury manufacturing with Kering Group and now heads our dedicated  manufacturing factory in China and enforces the most  comprehensive and rigorous quality control testing in the industry. Additionally, Mr Liu Tao oversees the Vaporous Asia quality control firm, working with  the top manufactures in Asia, enabling Vaporous  to maintain the highest standards of quality in our devices.