rocket mk. 1

rocket mk. 1

The dabX rocket turns any glass rig into a next generation smart rig. Designed for maximum vapor production, the rocket boasts a reverse airflow atomizer that enables you to enjoy massive, full-flavor dabs with ease. Custom heating profiles intelligently heat your concentrate over 15 seconds to preserve your terps and allow you to load multiple dabs at once without wasting any product.

gone are the days of blow torches and Q-tips, blast off with the rocket and enter the future of dabbing.

dabx Rocket MK.1 Exploded

Enhanced Taste and Terpene Preservation: Offers four intelligent heating profiles over 15 seconds for perfect-tasting dabs while preserving terpenes, activating cannabinoids, and ensuring an optimal flavor experience.

Massive Vapor Production: Utilizes a ceramic heating plate and reverse airflow technology to deliver substantial vapor production, promising sizable, flavorful hits for an intense dabbing experience.

User-Friendly Design: Features a single-button activation for effortless operation, allowing users to load the atomizer and enjoy a perfectly heated dab within a quick 15-second timeframe.

Premium Materials and Easy Maintenance: Crafted from aerospace-grade titanium, ensuring a clean vapor path devoid of plastics or chemicals. Easy disassembly for cleaning, eliminating the need for Q-tips between dabs, simplifying maintenance.

Convenient and Easy Maintenance: The Rocket offers hassle-free cleaning with no need for Q-tips between dabs. Disassemble, soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse, and air dry for a quick and efficient cleaning process.

dabX Rocket mk.1 exploded

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